"Your Dream"

May 29, 2013
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Your dreams can be scary
They can give you a fright,
When you're asleep in your bed
In the dead of the night.
You could dreama about dragons, witches, and lice,
Or your kitchen cabinets being chock full of mice.
You could dream about lions on the attack,
You could dream about a head growing out of your back.
You could dream about yourself being tossed up and down,
You could dream about a robbery but not hear a sound.
But you could dream about nice things, too,
And congratulations if they ever come true.
You could dream about angels pulling you toward the sky.
And watching the Earth from above as it rolls on by.
You could dream about your true love wanting to marry,
Or burdens never too big enough to carry.
You could dream about gliding through the air with birds,
About living in a world where no one need speak words.
You could dream about castles hovering in the air,
About skipping through puddles without a single care.
Now that you know you can dream, please take this to heart,
One last piece of advice before I depart.
It's that life, like a dream,
Is only as bad as you make it.
So don't do what most would:
Go and fake it.

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