pick me up, not set me down

May 26, 2013
By joyyy PLATINUM, York, Pennsylvania
joyyy PLATINUM, York, Pennsylvania
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Favorite Quote:
I will cure myself in the sunshine and wind.

If you're tired of kissing me, I'd better go.

I'm a free-spirited gypsy and an emerald mermaid.

follow me around the corner
our shaking bare feet brushing wet asphalt
you are the storms in my ears
hurricanes ravaging my limbs
we are bumping into the city poles,
concussions in love
Am i the embers of your heart?

you scream, "come over"
so you don't lose yourself tonight
and it was nothing like a strip club bedroom scene
You took a photograph of me
looking out towards city buildings on your patio railings
I spun around and angrily shouted you had no flash
you grasped my forearms
and as your fingertips burned holes into my skin,
you whispered to my ear,
"Not even darkness could shade you."
I melted in front of your eyes
into cherry puddles
you tasted my puddle water
and evaporated with me
I was only made alive to exist with you that one night
and as i dwell as a ghost
you are forever the walls I cannot seep through

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