May 26, 2013
Have you ever wondered where the time has gone,
The miles spent lost at sea in the early dawn,
A sudden realization that you've grown up too fast,
As you begin to feel your life slipping from your grasp?
Sudden moments upon the rushing of waves against the rocks of men,
Become such burdens every now and then,
The weight of the sea can drag you down,
Placing you in a ghost-town,
There are places to be and people to see.
Don't fret, be calm, and no matter what, remember who you are,
Cause the past is gone and the future is now,
As memories wash away from poisoned wells,
So sleep can take it's place,
As rightful dreams begin to prosper,
And memories become whole once more,
You've conquered your worst enemy; yourself.
So stand up tall,
All in all be who you truly are.
The time is gone,
The future is now,
No time to linger,
You're a dead ringer,
For the laughs and the sorrows,
Be who you are,
And remember to smile even if the skies may be pouring

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