yellow yellow

May 24, 2013
The things that those tall serious looking people
Don't tell me because of my small mind
Why the thing like the yellow soccer ball
I play in my backyard
Comes up in the morning
And goes away at night
When I have to go to bed

I get no answers from the smart giant sized people
When I ask why the sky gets upset
And it begins to rain heavy drops of water
That go drip drop drip drop
And I can't play with my yellow soccer ball
Because mom says I will get sick

I don't know why or how
Things are what they are
Just because of my short height
I want to know why things go up and don't stay up
Like my yellow soccer ball that makes a splash
When it falls into a puddle
after I kick it high in the air

Little me little me
Can't wait to grow up
To learn from the old gray haired people
To become smart like grown-ups
But while I am small I know I am smart
Because I know the Sun goes up and comes down
That it rains
And things never stay up on its own
I also know that my yellow soccer ball is yellow

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