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May 30, 2013
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One day said a girl
Speaking on behalf of females all over the world,
I am no different than you, she told man
Just a human being with needs,
One who wants sovereignty and love,
And a purpose to breathe.

I don’t want to be cautious all the time
I want to roam on the streets at two in the night.

I want to wear a bikini on the most populous land
Without being subjected to your opinion
because I don't want to hear it, do you understand?

I want to live like a bird in the sky
With no ropes to bind me,
I want to fly!
So let me open my wings.
Don’t be so afraid,
I am not going to harm you like you harmed me,
We’ll both be equals, when you set me free.

I await that day when your ego breaks apart,
The day when masculinity becomes a thing of the past.
I hope that day is near, you see
I don’t like living under you because I have to do as you please.

Do you all this because of the taboos society made you believe?
Or is it because power is more important to you than my basic needs?

Tell me what are you thinking when you commit such heinous crimes?
It’ll help me understand why you have such a twisted mind.

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