May 19, 2013
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A string of broken promises
Tomorrows that never come
Frustration and anger with no one to blame
It’s no one’s fault so it’s everyone’s fault
Everyone gets the deficit and no one gets the benefit
Of the doubt when it comes to the maybes and the somedays and the not nows
I know in my head that you’re just as angry as I am
But my heart is filled with impatience

Back in the before tomorrow happened
In the now it is elusive
Running just ahead, staying just out of your grasp
Back in the before promises were kept
In the now they remain figments of our imagination
Sometimes we agree they exist
Sometimes we argue
Screaming raging fighting with no end in sight

Someday we’ll be past this
Someday tomorrows will come again
The string of broken promises will be mended
Hand in hand we repair the gap between us
But now is not someday
Someday must come soon
Or I fear we will shatter beyond repair
And the tomorrows will never come again

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