What is Love?

May 24, 2013
What is love?
Many times this question has been asked, and many times has it been answered, so now I will attempt to answer it in my own opinion.
Love is the soft breeze on a warm summer day, cool and refreshing.
Love is the mighty waterfall and the untamed river, both stir up a mist that renews oneself.
Love is that first kiss on a cool autumn night when you’re sitting on the log of a fallen tree, always to be remembered.
Love is a truth, and not just truth but one of the purest essences of truth that, if it is true, can overcome anything.
Love is the vow between friends to stick by one another no matter what comes, one of the strongest characteristics of a human being.
Love is a spark that lives to become a warm, roaring fire, comforting yet dangerous.
Love is being under a soft patchwork quilt that your aunt, mother or grandma made, weaved into the very fibers of the blanket as they toiled.
Love is the bond between mother and father, sister and brother, cousin and cousin, the core of what holds a family together.
Love is that one moment when the world goes still when two people see each other.
And love is a complex thing that can never be fully explained; a secret code between living beings that will always have something to hide.

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