Through Hell and High Water

May 24, 2013
Through hell and high water we go on…
We are philosophers and the bringers of justice, the people that created revolutions and will do so again. Through fire and blood we push outnumbered ten to one.
We are soldiers, brought into combat through our desire to rid the government of corruption by getting rid of the old one.
We are the creators of history, or rather re-creators as the loop of history that we seem to be stuck in goes on, wearing different disguises. We are the embodiment of the primordial human nature that lays inside everyone, solving our problems through wars yet again.
We are revolutionaries who have a different view of a supposedly perfect government, but we know that it is not, we simply say it is better.
We are the wrath of the spiritual beings appointed above all humans, in whatever form they may be, we are the new beginnings of human history.
Through hell and high water we march on, all of these things, in hope that a better understanding of ourselves can be reached.

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