I Am...

May 24, 2013
I am…
I am the creative individual…
I am the land and the sea, the birds and the trees, the soft gurgling stream and the mighty, roaring river, and even mightier still the waterfall that feeds it.
I am the ancient architecture that dots the land; I am the smallest, most impoverished village, and the mightiest, richest city in all of the land.
I am the boundaries that separate kingdoms, the kingdoms that rule the land from mighty castles to humble houses.
I am the different colored banners of silver and white, red and black, black and gold.
I am the mighty king and the obedient warrior. I am the ancient creatures that roam the land, and the new ones that have just begun. I am powerful airships and miniscule merchants’ carts.
I am the factories that rule industry, the metal they manufacture, and the vehicles they build. I am the ultimate creator and the most feared destroyer.
I am the greatest heroes of all time, and the most devious villains. Through the pen, I create swords, through the swords I create conflict and through conflict I build characters.
I am the creative individual, and through my hands I am the founder of entire lands, the creator of history, and the developer of technology.

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