A New Beginning

May 29, 2013
Paralyzing fear gripped her heart
As she saw her beloved home lay beneath the gloomy cursed water- shaken, broken, exhausted
Tears burning her eyes when the little garden full of young roses built by her deceased husband
Was now merely a silver memory, a victim of the monstrous Hurricane Sandy.

Before death took him away, he had held her thin hand tightly and whispered
Don’t cry my dear, the precious memories we made
Will forever linger in that delicate house of ours, dazzling brightly
The wooden front porch where we spent so many evenings sipping tea while staring at the sea
The warm kitchen where we laughed and ate to celebrate our wedding anniversaries
My love letters to you that you save like jewels, keeping them in that precious wooden box
I will be there in all of them, holding you, embracing you, loving you till we are together again.

Hurricane Sandy took it all away
Her and his lovely evenings, joyous celebrations, fragile letters brimming with love
Her heart, a broken castle of glass, shattered into a thousand pieces,
Now she really was all alone, precious souvenirs of his existence were gone - quietly she cried
She will eat in the new kitchen, she will sleep in the new bed, hoping time will take away her pain
But will it really all be well? Will it ever be the same?

We all felt unsecure, unsafe, and unsure when Sandy made its presence known
We held onto our loved ones not knowing what to expect,
Sandy had hurt us all with its devilish dance; our city - its ballroom
Creating damages way beyond repair, leaving families distraught, scared
But now, oh yes now!
We must come together and help the other stand up again
We will rise from the ashes and show you, my dear Sandy
That you may have hurt us but you will not take away our strength
To build a new beginning.

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