All Are Created Equal!

May 29, 2013
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Black, white, Mexican.
Jewish, Catholic, Protestant.
Irish, German, Polish, Greek.
Discriminated because of the way they speak.

Skinny, young. Old, Obese.
Canadians and Japanese.
Short, tall, in-between.
Work, sleep, eat, clean?

Servant, maid, and slave.
Discrimination always gave
In the hands of the maid.
Women, men, never paid.

Frowned upon in society.
Shackled ankles, they aren’t free.
At least they are alive; however,
Not for long with these endeavors.

Buddha, Jesus, Allah.
If you want equal rights, then holla!!!
Lesbian and gay.
Why can’t equal rights stay?

Why can’t equal rights be true??Aren’t we equal- me and you?
Rights shouldn’t be based on the color of skin,
Discrimination will be destroyed, like the wall in Berlin!

This is because everyone is alike.
We’ll get rid of discrimination like the Third Reich.
We’ll run discrimination out as the sequal.
Because all are created equal!

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