The Moment

May 28, 2013
The warm breeze is blowing gently,
The fiery sun shimmers;
A golden coin suspended
In the soft blue sky,
Bringing life to the planet.

A young girl stands
Alone in a meadow,
Flowers swaying, waving
A sea of color
As the strain against their stems,
Reaching for the heavens.

The clouds are moving
Swiftly across the sky
As the wind tugs them along,
A mother pulling her reluctant child
Swirling, tumbling as they go.

Birds chirp loudly
A community of cheerful beings
Singing the songs of peace, joy,
And serenity,
Bringing happiness to the world.

Then time slows to a
Stop, capturing the
Moment forever.

Nature has seen,
And nature will remember,
This moment forever.

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