Never Forget

May 28, 2013
“We will never forget,”
They said, the day those
Two towers fell

The day the Americans
Truly became one, the
Day we became strongest

“We will never forget,”
They said, the day terror
Spread throughout this country

But we still stood strong,
The day an American flag could
Be found on every street

But as the days, the months,
The years go by,
Are we forgetting?

Like the falling ash,
Being slowly swept away,
Off the eerie streets.

Like the warm sun being forgotten,
As the moon spreads its
Cold rays over the land

Like a wound, slowly healing,
The skin knitting, mending, pulling
Itself back together, being forgotten.

“We will never forget,”
They said.

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ShadowMoon said...
Jul. 13, 2013 at 8:39 pm
A line was accidentally cut out of the very ending... So at the very end, it should say "And we aren't."... or something like that. Maybe, "And we never will"... I'm not really sure. :)
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