The words left unspoken, <3

May 23, 2013
By amberrenay SILVER, Lapeer, Michigan
amberrenay SILVER, Lapeer, Michigan
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Hey, remember me? you know.. the girl you call fat. the girl you call a whore and ugly. the girl you tell to go kill myself? how about when you make me fall or take my stuff from me? you know, I'm not sure if you're aware but I'm a human, I have feelings too. I have been suicidal a lot lately, yeah sure.. you don't have to care or even believe me. I mean look, I'm still here right now right? what about tomorrow.. what would happen if I wasn't here tomorrow because I couldn't take it anymore. you have been picking on me for so long I just lose everything. that wall I built up all these years and trying not to let anything get to me finally breaks. that's the end. what if my journey ends tomorrow, or maybe even tonight. then would you care? then would you finally realize what you're doing to me and that I have feeling too? does it really have to come to that for you to know how bad you're making me feel inside? yeah, people may say suicide is cowardly.. but you want to know what really is cowardly? making someone feel so bad about themselves, and so alone they commit suicide. it should never have to go there, it should never have to go that far at all! are you really that unhappy with yourself that you have to make fun of people all the time? seriously, if that's the case you need to get some help. suicide may not be the answer, but sometimes you feel like that's the only way out of things anymore.. trust me I've been there. maybe you're not thinking about suicide thought, what if you're self harming? I've been there too. the cuts, the burns, anything to help the pain escape for as long as it lasts. in the end, it will do nothing for you.. all it will give you is some ugly scars that you have to see everyday and it reminds you of the past. I may have a lot of problems myself, and may not be the strongest person but I will listen to you.. I will hear you out, be the shoulder to cry on or be the person you need to vent to when nobody else is there. I will always be here no matter what, I promise. <3

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