Mystery Girl

May 20, 2013
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The way the light glimmers in her eyes
The hint of a smile curling upon her
Mysterious and beautiful
I wish to know everything about her
The aura of her mystery makes me want to discover
Just what's hiding behind her mask
Her long dark mane flows like a waterfall in the wind as she stands in front of me
She turns around and suddenly
I am staring into this big, brown, empty eyes
They melt me like a Popsicle in the
She's interested in me, she says
She'd like to go out sometime, she says
Maybe i could finally solve this mystery that is her
My heart is pounding on my walk home
Head filled visions
Of this girl
She is perfection
Beautiful, smart, witty
I will solve her mystery
I get to know her a little more every time
We are together
Bit by bit
Piece by piece
I am solving this puzzle
I can barely breathe
When i am without her
The more i get to know her
The more i realize how deeply
In love
I am with her
She makes everything better
She can fix anything
She's the most perfect person I've ever had the fortune of meeting
And i love her
The more i get to know her, the more i hear things
I wish she'd never say
Day by day
Shes slowly slipping away
From me
From herself
From reality
I try so hard to bring her back in
I ask "You love me, don't you?"
But instead of the reply I'm hoping to hear,
I get the mystery, the puzzle, the enigma that is her,
Never a straight answer
The last day i saw her, she was going on and on,
"You're so much better off without me. All of you are, I'm a hopeless cause, can't you see? You can't try to put a puzzle back together when it's missing pieces."
I say no
I say that all i see is a beautiful girl who never did anything other than take my breath away and make my life better
Maybe a puzzle with missing pieces is better off that way, because then it's unlike all the others
Unique, special, different
Just like her
I tell her she can't die
Can't leave me alone here
I want her here. I need her here.
That's when she puts up her wall, blocks herself out
And becomes the mystery again
Now here i am,
Standing at her grave
I should've done more.
Should've stopped her.
Should've seen the signs.
Should've known she was going to do this.
Maybe if i figured her out,
Learned how to understand her,
I wouldn't be here
At this moment, i hate her
As much as i love her
Goddamn it.
Why did you do this to me?
She left me,
Left the world
She changed me
Changed the world
And to think, i never even solved her mystery.
But her mystery was too great of one to even fathom

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