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May 27, 2013
By JessesAngel SILVER, Lincoln, Delaware
JessesAngel SILVER, Lincoln, Delaware
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Love is harsh
Love is kind
Love is the hardest
Thing to find

Love is lost
Love will pine
You're with me
Love is mine

Love is cheap
Bought with dimes
Love will always
Cross the line

Love will abandon
Love will leave
Love will blind you
To things not seen

Love will burn
With every fire
You'll be stuck
Within the mire

Love is desire
Love is free
True love
Is far from me

Love is mystery
Always a story
Ever present
In history

Love will break
Love will bend
Love pretends
To be your friend

Love destroys
Love will hate
Love takes away
Every fate

Love is cigarettes
Love is death
Love is your crack, weed,
And your meth

Love is happy
Love is blue
It's the same
Never new

Love is steroids
With extra rage
Love will love
At any age

Love is great
Love will care
In love and war
All is fair

Unplanted seed
But love is wanting
Love is need

Love will crawl
Into your heart
With nary a fight
Quick as a dart

Love is a child
Helpless and small
If you're not careful
In love, you'll fall

Love is deep
Love is life
Love is true
A good wife

Love can sing
It goes on
It plays forever
It's your song

Too many people
Silence their song
But deep inside
They know they're wrong

Don't play your silence
Love, love is a must
If you can't love yourself
I'll love the both of us

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