May 27, 2013
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Everyone wants a person that they could depend on.
A person they could rely on.
Someone that they could trust.
Not someone who is filled with lust.
Someone that is not fake.
Someone who has different traits.
But in this world its so hard to figure out who's fake and who's real.
You would see people bulling your friend and you just watch and laugh.
Is that a friend?
No..Then why in this world we have some many people doing that to their so called "friends".
Where are the friends that will help you when you fall.
When your Heart is broken.
Then damn I must mistaken if you call that a true friend.
This world is filled with so much hatred.
Nowadays people just cant be happy for one another.
Its either someone that want to ruin it or be better at it.
None of this is a friend.
But people tend to do these things.
How are we suppose to survive in this world.
Always be called a Nerd.
But wait that's a good thing.
or Is It?
What about when a friend uses you
Then what?
That's not good.
But that's life for you.
Especially being a teen.
You have so many different cliques.
Why cant everyone just get along.
Why do people got to act like they go to hard like bricks.
But they soft when they listen to that love song.
Crazy right.
But thats Friends for you.
The fake ones at least.
So I guess in this world all we have is ourselves.

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