Water and the Raft

May 20, 2013
By AbstractAbsences GOLD, Arlington, Massachusetts
AbstractAbsences GOLD, Arlington, Massachusetts
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Why should it be that you and I 
Remain the raft and the river
And never anything more?  

Frozen ice is becoming dangerous
And walking on water isn't what it 
Used to be. But you and I are still the 
Peeling wood and splintered fingers
And frankly,                
                 I'd like a change.
Snow is supposed to fall vertically
Yet the horizontal powers grasp it, too.
Why can't you and I be that
Vertical and horizontal connection as well?
Perpendicular would suit us nicely.  

Your skin, the tinted
Sins of sunlight
Peel into my eyes and mercilessly choke them.
I cry for more.
Reflections are becoming real, however, 
And I miss the cold, stone blue
Of your earlier days.  

When you begin to miss me, too
I will be waiting
And the tether, slacked, hanging just 
Above your grip
Will come undone.
Water will seep
And beams will sink.
I can't stay afloat
When the depths hold what I want.   

Wanting has become stronger than needing.
My fingers lie bloody in my lap
And pins of water drown them with salt.
Incisions of the sea's ruthless knife
Dig into my fresh water cheeks
And the alabaster turns a dark
Indigo. This is what I want.   

I cannot stay afloat on clouds or trains
Or azure puddles. 
The sky, despite it's blue appearance,
Is not made of water.  

Tell me when you begin to miss me.
I will be waiting.      

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