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May 20, 2013
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Would you like to
play a game with me?
BUt I do have to warn you,
I don't play nice
I'll make you
lose your skin and
cut off your smile
Dip my fingers in red
and trace patterns across
your skin like war paint
because we are at war
at war with one another
at war with the world
and all of the constraints
it tries to impose upon us
And this is the part
where you join in
to help me make new rules
and then refuse to follow them
because rebellion is a must
in this game we play
we're locked in a dance
never destined to tire
as we burn together
Their eyes are watching God
as we twist and turn
between them because
who needs stars anyway
I;ll pick one-hundred sunflowers
to lay at your feet
while charcoal skies
shatter above our heads
Help me write another
song of freedom and
I'll sing you
to sleep with it
I'll amok us go up
in a hurricane
of cinder and smoke
so that we can taste sparks
the world is my prize and
I'll drag the tip
of a knife along your wrists
tracing the veins I find there
This game is a dangerous one
but you'll never be able to stop
because I have entertained angels
I sleep in a crown and
wear a grin of chilled steel
embrace and raised by thunder
you'll give your all to our game
our pretty little game
be prepared to burn
because I know you can't resist
I'll ask you, even though I
already know the answer

Would you like to
play a game with me?

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