Every Time

May 20, 2013
By bluegirl440 DIAMOND, Park City, Utah
bluegirl440 DIAMOND, Park City, Utah
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You didn't know the
gun I pointed at
you was loaded
and for that I'm sorry
I knew, though I like
to pretend I didn't
We had decided to
play a game, but
you didn't know
the rules
Bones break and
scars are meade
all too easily
Now every time the
rain falls, I
can't help but feel
the warmth of the
pistol in m
gunpowder streaked
Somebody once told me
that you believed
in heaven
but what I want to know
is if you still expected
to go there after
al that we've done
I guess it's a good thing
I never expected to
be happy
and now the sky's in the way
of all I hoped
to do with you
we graffitied our hearts
on walls for all to see
and I can't help but wonder
did we really need to?
YOu signed first, barely
living me any room
I said that I was bored
so you said
let's start a revolution
just for the hell of it
but we never got to
I always wanted to ask
Is your heart like mine?
And while we made
quite a spectacle
your heart burned out
long ago
mine just needs to catch uo
I cannot forget the shadows
that danced upon the walls
of our room
the ones that looked like us
You left bootprints in the kitchen
and while I usually didn't mind
I did just sweep the floors
The day you went There
it was hours before my mind
agreed to rest
Now every time the
rain falls, it tastes like copper
You used to say that all your
friends were dead
what did that make me?
I guess now I'll never know
We're all guilty of the same rings
and while it's a sin
to be alone
your face was always
full of sun
and you always asked me
to sing you to sleep
even though I din't
like the sound of my voice
you did
so that was enough
I guess some are just
born with tragedy
in their good
and these hands of mine
seem to pull triggers
Your words burned holes
in my wings, but
I still tried to fly
I asked if you would be
my scarlet angel
yet you're not
a hero to me
You always said
that I was too young
to be sad
but I have a
reason now

Now every time the
rain falls, i smell

The author's comments:
I wanted to describe a mutually destructive relationship where they still loved one another completely and utterly. This is what spilled out.

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