Overlook My Faults

May 20, 2013
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Forgive me
if I love as you'd
like to be able to
if I have trouble
swallowing my pride
if I can't really
get the smile right
the one you say you love
Forgive me
when I laugh a little too
cruelly at the mistakes you make
when I leave you
trailing far behind
when I can't seen to
get out of my own head
Forgive me
for I don't really mean
the things that I say
for I can't help but
see the world this way
for I am only trying
to understand
Forgive me
though I don't deserve it
not really
though I am overly
sarcastic much of the time
though I'm not sure what
love truly is
Forgive me
because I just have
difficulty showing my affection
because I can't find
the words to say 'I love you'
because I only want to
stay here with you

I say 'forgive me'
because I know you will
I say 'forgive me'
even though I know
you shouldn't

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