Never Ever

May 20, 2013
By bluegirl440 DIAMOND, Park City, Utah
bluegirl440 DIAMOND, Park City, Utah
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Favorite Quote:
Everybody lies. -House

You would never
fall for him
you would never
step off the edge of
a building
never try to survive
just to come home to him
never try to find traction
in the smoke
you would never
bleed your soul dry
just to see him smile
never sing to him or
dance for him
never hide your tears from him
you would never
fight off God and His angels
just to keep him on your side
you would never
barter with the Devil
just to save his soul
never hold his twisted heart
in your bruised and bloodied hands
never keep his eyes fixed on yours
so he doesn't see the looks they give him
you would never
stay up with him when his mind is too full
you would never
forgive him again and again
for the things he says
never pull the trigger
of the gun held to your temple
just to draw his gaze
never try to fly
out and into his arms
you would never
fall for him

but I did

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