Why did you leave me?

May 20, 2013
By JuneS GOLD, Ottawa, Other
JuneS GOLD, Ottawa, Other
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Who knew that being bored could become so tedious?

I remember when you were always by my side. But then you suddenly left. I still sit in your room waiting for you to return, but you won’t come back. Did I do something wrong? Was I being bad? Is that what made you abandon me?
I remember that day clearly… You came home and called my name. I would rush towards you and you would talk to me. You would pat my head and talk about the problems you were having or the desires you had.
We took a walk that day. We walked longer than usual. It was pouring rain outside but you didn’t seem to care about how wet your clothes were getting. You walked into a forest and I followed you. You pulled out a knife and smiled at me.
I yelled at you, “Stop! Don’t do this!”
But you wouldn’t listen. You just continued to smile and said, “Be a good girl while I’m gone, Maya.”
Blood. So much blood. The smell was filling the air. I continued to yell at you, then you shushed me and said, “Maya, be a good dog. Go home. I’ll be there soon. Wait for me if you want.”
I ran off, went back home and jumped onto your bed. The rain still continues to fall. How many days have passed? I'm not sure.
But I'll keep waiting and waiting... and waiting.

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