the me you want to see

May 18, 2013
The world is round (the world is complete)
And I look complete (i’m all chopped up)
And the world looks fine (and i don’t feel fine, i’m the only one who doesn't feel fine)
And the people on the world are demanding (and the people on the world can’t see i can’t meet their demands)
And they except great things (i’m only a person, only one person)
A doctor, a lawyer, a president (but i can’t, I can’t)
And so that is what I tell them (why can’t i be something different, something better)
And they give me a workbook (i wanted a journal)
And they give me a calculator (i shouldv’e wanted a calculator. why did i want a journal?)
And they give me the rules (the rules of the world, the broken world, the broken me)
And they tell me to follow (follow? follow the broken rules of the broken world?)
And they ask me to whisper (but i want to shout)
And they tell me to talk (but i want to sing, sing the songs in my head)
And I try and work hard (i dance to the music in my head, the melodious music in my head)
But it’s never enough (and never enough is the only thing that echoes in my head)
They ask if I love (and i say yes, but i don’t say what I love)
So I tell them yes (i love, but i love all the wrong things)
They pat my back and their chests puff out (i love to dance and sing and write)
And I laugh when they laugh (at the fact that you believe me)
And they know I’m fine (i’m fractured and broken)
And they don’t see the real me (they see the me they want to see)

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