I'm reaching out

May 18, 2013
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I'm reaching out
I'm scared as hell
I'm broken and alone
I can't give it any more
I'm barely hanging on
Taking away the pain with the jagged edge
Pain knowing my faults are my shame,
That I'm the one to blame
I can't even tell you how it came to an end,
A regret that I made , Now I live in the shade
Afraid of my sorrows, Not wanting to live in the darkness shadows,
I've made for myself
A living hell, I await for Satan to take me away
I'm done living this worthless life day by day
It's already may ,
And can't fix my mistake
I don't know why I thought a life without you was better,
Your really all I need
I promised a time worth forever ,
And you know I don't break,
I'm yours to take
My arms are held out for your sweet embrace
I don't apologize,
I simply want to it set right
My deceiving facade I made
Your the one made for me
As I am you
I swear I feel fulfillment,
No need for commitment
Still young and need to be a little free
There are things I swear I know now
If I would have known then I would have fixed it
I'm sorry I didn't, Now I have
Please don't judge me by the past, I have erased my mistakes
Please...take me
I never stopped loving you, I tried to make it go away
And it didn't
Came back and lit a raging fire
You are my desire
I remember all those good times, I cry myself to sleep
Every night thinking maybe I'll drown in tears
Blood pulsing through my veins no longer
I really still care, make it fair
I swear my love...
I'll make it right...even if I die
And that's not a lie
Everything I do
Reminds me of you

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ephemeral said...
May 30, 2013 at 7:26 pm
This poem is a unique blend of free verse and rhyme structure, which makes it that much more interesting to read. I like the message, but I think the word choice could be reworded to include less cliched sayings i.e. "you're all I really need" "I'm yours to take" "I never stopped loving you" "you are my desire". These are all sayings you hear in a million different ways both in print and colloquial sayings, especially when talking about love. I cha... (more »)
Metal4Lyfe666 replied...
May 30, 2013 at 9:18 pm
Thank you for your comment! This was one of my really crappy ones :( I just kinda bsed this one, but I will work on the the structure and making it more interesting for the reader. Thanks :)
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