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May 17, 2013
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In the country, there is a house (that no longer exists)
and behind this house is a kingdom (That no longer exists)
and a little boy (Who no longer exists) used to rule this kingdom (that no longer exists)
This kingdom was a magic little place.
It had a castle, a moat, a wall, swords, precious gems and the kings very own subjects. (but of course, all of this no longer exists.)
If you went looking for this place in the country, behind the house (If it didn't no longer exist)
You wouldn't find the kingdom that the little boy (that no longer exists) used to rule.
You would find a a field with a boulder, a river, tree's, branches, rocks and animals. (and all of this that you have found doesn't no longer exist)
Maybe if you saw things like the little boy (That no longer exists) you would find:
The field-A kingdom
The boulder-a castle
The trees-A wall
The river-A moat
The rocks-Precious gems
The animals-the kings subjects
But if you ask the little boy about his kingdom, he'll wrinkle his nose, or raise his eyebrows in question,
because he won't know what you are talking about.
(Like I said, this place no longer exists)
Unfortunately, all that is left of the kingdom (that no longer exists)
is a man (That doesn't no longer exist)
with memories of the little boy (that no longer exists).

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