Dear Best Friend

May 22, 2013
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Dear Best Friend,

You’re more than just another friend

You’re my rock, the person I can go to

for anything and everything.

You make me laugh when all I want to do

is curl up and cry

And when I was curled up and crying

You were my shoulder

You opened your comforting arms

To cradle my pain

And I’ll always be there for you

like you’re there for me

We’ve been through everything together

We’ve lived all the good moments together

All those times we laughed until we couldn’t breathe

You’ve been there through the hardships, too

From drama to heartache

And I’ll always do the same for you

Two hearts, cracked and torn

And yet two girls, still happy, still laughing

Because they know they will always,

always have the contentment

That comes along with this kind of friendship.

Dear Best friend,

I love you to the edge of the earth

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