Distant View

May 21, 2013
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Distant sheen of far away speckles,
Points of light dappled across a matte black sky, lit fleetingly by a sudden discharge of daylight, sky ripped asunder in an earsplitting noise,
A sudden flash, dying with distance,
That filled out and expanded, beckoning a globule of solid gold,
One that hung above the ocean for quite some time,
Before rising into a steady spot in the sky and staying there,
Standing sentinel for all that lived and breathed,
The ships moved out in the cyclical motions of the day, exports and imports,
Never-ending, always repeating.
Along with these punctual patterns, tidying occurred,
Wiping away all sign of presence, all footprints eaten by the tide, bonfires blown over by sand skirting on the wind.
One who was there would have never noticed any signs of passing.
Later, like clockwork, like ritual,
A meeting took place, a meeting of writhing colors
Squaring off, a swarm inconsistent in its movement and actions,
Although coinciding with some cosmical event
In their swaying, their comings, their goings, all which were amusing to a detached observer,
One who sat and watched, chuckled, instead of getting scuffed in the rabble, ensconced in a tall tower and looking down in a high-powered telescope, wizened and late in his years.
He noticed the temporary boost in esteem that one got when people noticed them,
He noticed the perils, pitfalls, all with a smirk kinked into his lip,
Noticed cruelty, kindness, and crippling timidity.
Oh, did they want it so bad, but they just couldn't do it, he thought with a sense of self worth, levied from the flood of his feeling by the failures of others. He was not a direct reflection, rather a scrape from the bottom of the barrel, a residual from an all but wrung out soul,
Now he was wandering again, unjustified since he had it good for his kind, finding comfort in that and returning into a deep, unawakened slumber.
The part of a cloud, a ray of cleansing sunlight, revealed to all the simplicity of this life, where one was easily satisfied by simple pleasures, where one knew everything but at the same time, knew nothing at all.

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