That Time

May 21, 2013
Remember that time
As the sun drowned and the
Mountains mourned, their hair
Capped in frost,
Melting into tears
When we lay in the freshly mowed lawn
The grass growing colder 
As the night continued?

Remember that time
When we tried to run away?
We had papers and bags all set 
But in the end we just sat
On our neighbor's cracked wooden porch
And watched as the stars fell
Slowly and quietly
Till the morning came.

Remember that time
Winter, on a cold evening 
When we saw each other's faces
And laughed and laughed and laughed
Until our ribs cracked and smiles split
And seams stretched?

I had many dreams.
One was to sit above a freeway, late at night
With someone like you
And watch the cars rush by
Mirrors of yellow and green and red and orange
Flashing violently in the dark.

I never asked you about it.
I knew you would say
The smell of gasoline was too strong
Or something regarding the microscopic possibility that
We would ever be able to get 
To the top. (to watch the lights from afar, I mean.)

And that's when our thread
Faintly gripping us together
Fell apart.



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