May 21, 2013
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Sucking up emotions like a sponge
There’s no end so you’re never done
Oceans fill up inside instead
Bringing in thoughts that stop you from going to bed
These thoughts drag you in and you only half-heartedly try to swim
Away from this madness because secretly you like your sadness
And these tides are so bittersweet, tasting like pure fate
Serving out the punishment you have eagerly await
To try to repent for all your mistakes
The guilt is too much for your sanity’s sake
The empathy you show is so people won’t get mad
Rather they feel intensely sad
They’re blind to the selfishness that lies inside you
They don’t see either way you would have drowned
And no matter what, you’re a martyr now
More guilt fills up inside because these manipulative webs will only grow
But when you’re gone no one will know
You’re the one that started it all.

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