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May 14, 2013
By Caitlin_Moe... BRONZE, Brigham City Utah, Utah
Caitlin_Moe... BRONZE, Brigham City Utah, Utah
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It all started with
Geography, History, and Social Sciences
How I wish my alliance with defiance
would speak up.
But it doesn't seem to want to open up.
To make this class want to bash with
my opinion.
And spin the pin of my compass
as I follow as a lass of the wagon
To the road of the Oregon trail.
After we charged into Texas
and claimed it as our own.
I groan as we read on.
The song the men sang
as they came in search of gold.
To hold your life in my hands
as the sands drip down with
the sound of,
Back in the river bed they sink
And the clink of pickaxes
are heard.
It's absurd that the conditions
the men, women, and children
worked in.
That most were hurt in the
cotton mills.
As the bosses made steals
with their pays
As the ways they worked evolved.
It's called the revolution of 1840
When now a days we call each
other shorty.
Sporting our free will.
When back then they would till
the land and band together
only to stand together.
And whether or not it will
work out.
I have no doubt, if I keep
reading about the speeding
trains, wide open plains, and
president campaigns.
That America will form beneath
our feet.
But I seize to the form the
attention span.
Rather than have a plan
I guess I'll read and have
a look.
From my dear old friend
the history book.

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