Breaking Point

May 10, 2013
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All I fell is shame,but I guess I have my self to blame
I put my head down so I don't look into the eyes that judge me
I try so hard to be brave
But to my emotions Iam a slave
To my heart I Ly dead in a grave
And to life I'm stuck
Iam truLy at my breaking point
My eyes begin to water cant remember a word I said
If I could choose this way or Die
I'd rather be dead
I wish I can take everything back But its to late for that
Iam truLy at my breaking point

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LiraDaeris said...
May 23, 2013 at 4:16 pm
I feel bad critiquing because this feels so honest. Please know that I do not mean to judge you, but to only help you portray your feelings better. In the words of Kyo from Fruits Basket, "It's okay to complain a little sometimes! If we don't know that something is wrong, how can we help you fix it?" Feel free to say something is wrong; I want to help you say that something is wrong :) There are a few typos in this. That is pretty easy to fix, though- it's just a few missing letters or spaces. ... (more »)
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