Time of Death

May 21, 2013
i remember walking in with my eyes
toward the ground and my thoughts toward
a novel i left in my room the night before with promise
of another good adventure but i stumbled and
heard a man speaking of adam and eve and the animals
in the ark that rocked me to sleep that night
the voice seemed to travel time and then it was my birthday
five years in the future and the voice was speaking of morals
and death within life

and as the months passed my mind sang the songs of apathy
then it was two years later; the voice merely echoed in the
empty minutes spent staring at the ceiling searching
for the traces of a world built for the living
in remembrance of the Dead
and here i am now in the aftermath of our time
pondering the human spirit breathing in the acquired taste
of frailty and tragedy
and beauty
in each second

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