In A Box

May 17, 2013
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Could you give me one moment.
One moment to be with my friends.
I haven't been with them in years.
I haven't seen them laugh.
Not even smile a crack.
Why don't you see.
The reason I don't want to be here.
It's so simple a reason.
You keep me in a box.
You say working will help me be responsible.
Yet you give me not a moment to think for myself.
You wonder why I reject your morals.
Reject your religion.
Reject your "love."
I do not laugh.
I no not cry.
I sit here lonely.
Staring at what I wish was the sky.
You wonder why my brother is as he is.
The reason he doesn't want to be here.
It's so simple a reason.
You've kept him in a box.
You said working would help him be responsible.
You gave him not a moment to think for himself.
You wonder why he rejects your morals.
Rejects your religion.
Rejects you "love."
He is UNHEALTHY as well.
You cannot deny what these eyes have seen.
These little cameras.
The memories stored in my brain.
From the moment I was born I knew I was different.
I could see the ending to this story.
I dreamt it since I was a child.
You've keeping us in a box.
You say working would make us responsible.
You give us not a moment to think for ourselves.
You're wondering why we reject your morals.
Rejecting your religion.
Rejecting your "love."
We are a DYSFUNCTIONAL family.
We cannot open our mouths to each other without yelling.
My brother and I.
We sit here lonely.
Staring at what we wish were the sky.
We've had not childhood.
No time to make mistakes.
No time to decide.
Only time to be good.
Only time to wish as we become bitter.
And bitter we are.
So bitter and heartless.
You wonder why I want out of this house.
Why I want a new life in a new home.
It's because things can't buy my love.
I'm in a box and you're holding me here.
Your love is a straight jacket.
Your words are knives.
There plunging deep into my heart.
You're keeping me in a box.
And I'm bursting at the seams.
I'll bust out if I have to.
And it wont be very pretty.

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