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does he feel the same way as i do?

I look at him and get lost in his brown eyes

His brown hair hangs in his eyes
i lose my breath as he smiles

i blush as i see the twinkle in his eyes

Does he feel the same way i do

i ask as i look at him and wonder
i realize he is a good person
a good guy who cares to much and gets hurt because he care so much

i can see his scars

and they are just like mine

does he feel the same as i do

how can i ask him

should i ask my friends to ask him

should i just do it myself

and i tell him

i like you

and he says

i like you too

so he does feel the same way i do

and i wish i had told him earlier than when i did


does he feel the same way i do ???

yes he does

and it takes me to another
time and place

with no pain
and just
without getting hurt

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