May 15, 2013
By blackknight SILVER, West Babylon, New York
blackknight SILVER, West Babylon, New York
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Favorite Quote:
"We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars."

You push me away,
Just as I am so close to you.
Your struggles,
I was there,
Standing with you all the way.
Our cold, rough beginning,
Until our new sense of comfort and stability.
All tossed away
Like the newspaper at the end of each day.

You neglect who I am,
Who I was and who you made me to be.
I was once pure and white,
Innocent of all impressions,
The one that caught your eye because I was different.
But you don’t see that.
You see the worn,
The torn and the withered.
On the ground after letting you trample over my existence.

You forget our past,
As if I am nothing but a tree in the forest.
Your security
From the barren world,
Even when I had a hole piercing through my sole.
And you never once said thank you.
I wouldn’t have wanted you to anyway.
You just dump me, with the others,
Into your basket of torture, and find another.

You lose me,
Into a world that is shaken.
A world that drowns me,
And spins me around,
Not once stopping for my screams.
Where they try to change me,
And erase the damage you have done,
It is useless,
Like I am now to you.

You see that I am better off,
So you come crawling back.
I accept, of course,
For I simply lie around
Without you running my puppet show.
And once you are done,
You never change,
For you remove me from your life,
And replace me once again.

You fail to see,
What you would be without me.
But who are you to know,
As one who does not give,
But takes,
My feelings through my silence.
Yet I am there everywhere you go,
Facing your complete defeat.
For I am only the socks on your feet.

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