Your Frigidity Will Never Cloud Our Warmth

May 15, 2013
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Your children will point, and say, “Daddy, she’s my new favorite star.” You’ll have to grit your teeth together as you smile and buy her tickets to the latest show, all the while kicking yourself for trying so hard to hurt me so long ago.

I’m strong;
I’m stronger than you could ever imagine. I can lift myself up and fall back down again, only to be lifted higher and higher, until you’re nothing but a speck of dust traveling against the frigid, powerful wind.

I’m powerful;
I’m more powerful than the king of the jungle. You and your timid wasp and bug friends will bow down at my feet, as I sing for all the intelligent women of the future and the intelligent women of the past.

I’m intelligent;
I’m more intelligent than you and your gremlins could ever dream to be. I’ll change the world you will have the undeserved privilege of living in.

I’m beautiful;
I’m more beautiful than your hazy eyes could ever see. You don’t have the right to know me, the right to see how beautiful I can really be.

You think your words can faze me?
Well, think again.
I’m sick and tired of hearing people like you speak,
Defacing the work of great men.

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