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May 16, 2013
Cracks cover ice,like wrinkles,
an old mans
The water climbs,
collecting critters.
Slipping from the spill,
spiders spindle sporadic webs of shadow.
Begging questions,
of mortality to be answered.

The silence howls at the moon.
Rays of moonlight,
shoot through the gaps,
flora, mystic and mysterious,
The question remains.

Good versus evil.
The ancient battle of
power, perceived
the prowl of a panther.
Black and slick,
ice freezes over.
The dark of the night,
sight of everything unwanted.
Rush of cold air.

Sprung free from
a glistening web,
A fly struggles,
fight for freedom.
Thrashing and screaming,
without a sound.
Escape, so close.
The fly staggers,
Drunk from fear.

Spiraling, hiding,
a pit of despair.
The protagonist arrives,
speaking against silence,
spelling out simple sentences.
Creating an army,
hopeful dreamers,
dreading the dreary.

Sparks of sunshine filter down
The eerie silent woods,
Lighting a path,
distant emotions.
Follow the trail and know,
not what you see,
You can feel.

Immerse yourself,
the steady beat,
a rhythmic pound of leaves.
Hitting the trunk of a tree.
Walk among feelings.
Only you can see.

Exit the palace
With darkness on your mind,
Slip through the terrace
With the question,
finally answered.
The question that molded you,
helped you find yourself.
It’s the question,
you alone could answer.

Slipping through darkened forests,
you see a new you.
This place shaped you,
spiders spindled their webs,
flies flew so far.
Finally answered.
Is it what you wanted to hear?

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libertyman said...
May 21, 2013 at 4:02 pm
This piece is great!! Keep up the good work!!
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