My Problem

May 8, 2013
Of all the things wrong with me, my voice is my problem.
I don't speak up when I'm being torn down;
I don't talk to the helpful ones. I live a lie.
"I'm fine." is my bullet proof shield.
I'm hiding from the truth. The truth is I'm hurting.
I'm being crushed by your words.
I'm not fine, I'm not okay, and I’m not alive if I'm not being honest!
I hate when you tell me "your life is easy."
You don't know my story; you didn't read it because it's still in the works.
My life may be easy at times, but heart crushing at others.
I am smart, you say I am and I deny you.
Not because I’m looking for attention,
But because I don’t believe it.
I fear I’m not smart enough for college.
I fear I’m not good enough to even be your friend.
I cry myself to sleep every other night about how you’ve hurt me.
How you’ve butchered my soul.
So thank you acquaintance and friends,
For making me…well…me.
Thank you for making me THIS way

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