May 14, 2013
The Earth throws trends at us,
Trends such as “ain’t nobody got time for that,”
Courtesy of Miss Sweet Brown,
Trends such as “hide your kids, hide your wife,”
Courtesy of Mister Antoine Dodson,
It’s just a shame nowadays,
Now that ain't nobody got time to hide their kids from depression,
From drugs, and from gangs,
No time to hide their wife from their other lover,
But all the time in the world to cheat, and to lie,
Courtesy of anyone not content with their surroundings,
Lies spread like poison through blood,
Leaving clear trails like the veins in your forearms,
Judged by the superior, their eyes fining you for every mistake,
The first thing they see is your forearms, those lies, that poison,
No second chance or rebirth, what you reap, you sow,
Every time you make a mistake, just keep a score,
Of all the time you must spend repenting,
Of all the money coming out of your pocket,
So you don’t have to stay in jail your entire life,
What does it take for you to learn to stop running,
Closed doors with locked bars keeping you from doing so?
Acknowledge your mistakes, because honesty is the key.

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