Unknown Island

May 14, 2013
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A mysterious island floating all alone. Beyond any other land. Creatures from the jungle peering through the growth to get a good view at their next meal. Damned shipwreck survivors huddled together on the cold sand. Expecting a warm and happy place to land and take refuge. Find only barks, screeches, claws and teeth to welcome them. “Get away, get back!” you yell. “Hurry back to the lifeboat!” Innocent children are being frightened. Just do it, I tell myself. Kids don’t need to get harmed. Let the animals have you and save the others. More lives don’t need to be lost. “Now!” Overhead a rescue helicopter comes into sight. People start shouting and waving their arms at it. “Quiet!” Rabid creatures start to turn their attention towards the others. “Stop yelling, get to the boats!” Too little time, I’ll have to make a move now. Unnamed creatures start to run for the others just as they slip into the boat. Vicious claws and fangs barely miss the legs of a few. Waves pick up and drift the lifeboat just of the shore, safe now. Xanthic blurs of light circle the water, reaching out the save the others. You yell and scream to get the creatures back on you. Zoned out, taken down.

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