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May 13, 2013
On the top row of bleachers
under a dark winter sky I found
refuge next to you, the curve of
your shoulder a crutch that
bore up my soul. And, there was no
place in the world where I'd receive such a welcome as I
did from the firm, sinuous muscles that cradled my
soul as it reached out for yours.

Behind us a cornfield that stretched to the
ends of our eternity and the
stalks played soft percussion to the sounds of
bands marching in front of us. And it
didn't matter that I was deathly afraid
of the dark or that next to us were a hundred shivering bodies
that could never understand how under that blanket
our knees touched and bounced like drops of water,
warm as they linger just a moment
as I learned to fit my soul into the
chinks in your armor or that even though you
won't let me in I keep knocking in faith that
your weakness will compel you to put down your shield because
I believe you could be my night in shining armor.
But mostly how I need you makes me wonder why
no one can be saved.
Where are you now?

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