May 13, 2013
I sit at my computer gazing at the lit screen
Musing at the large type before me and the glare of the overhead light
I ponder what to write about
Write about something
Write about nothing
Who knows but I must write
Should I release my pent up anger?
Rant about my troubled days
Should I brag about the times that were perfect?
The days I smiled a genuine smile and captured the moments indeed
Should I infer the dreams about to explode like fireworks throughout my head?
Maybe I dream of a clown or my perfect date who knows the dreams to be had
Should I question the story of life or the endless possibilities of the future of my own?
Maybe college, maybe a business, maybe books, or maybe just an average Joe
Quiet frankly I don’t know what to write
nor what to do with my future life
For what the future holds is but mystery that has yet to unfold
I sit at my computer gazing at the lit screen

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