My Life is Darkness

May 11, 2013
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The world is dark
A darkness made from life
The fog that hides the ground are your battles
Your battles that need to be won
You run your hands along the ground,

Searching for a light
But all you get are cuts and scrapes from running your hands too long
You don’t know where you’re going,

‘fore the fog is hiding your path
You don’t know where you’re stepping,

It may be on some glass
The sharpness cuts in the dead of night
Leaving you a trail of blood
Now your walking has become a chore
Your failure far from won
No one’s going to help you
You’re on your own
Listen to your heart
Listen to your soul
Let your feet guide you through your mind
Step where you think you’ll walk away without harm
Walk with pride,

With confidence
The struggles of your life have clouded your path for so long
But you can still find your way through
The fog blinds your tired eyes,

So feel your way
Your heart will guide you to where you need to be

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VicSails said...
May 1, 2014 at 9:28 pm
Ugh... found two typos months later.. are you kidding me?? "For"* instead of "'fore" in the first line of the third stanza and "you're*" instead of "your" on the fourth line of the fourth stanza. Sorry, guys. 
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