May 10, 2013
Will you wait for me
Just so you can hold my hand?
So we can intertwine our palms until
My fingerprints permanently
Swirl on your skin,
As if I was touching soft wax.

Will you whisper my name
Like it is more beautiful than the sun?
Treasuring it,
As if it is a quivering butterfly
Landing on your lips.
Its soft yellow wings,
Tickling your eyelashes.

Will you chase me
Not like a lion, but like a hummingbird?
So you can comb your fingers through my hair
And watch as the soft flames of adoration
Lick at our heels.

Will you love me,
So we can become tangled into a constellation?
The stars that will outline our ski-slope noses
Will become prayers
Trembling on the lips of a child.
Whispering gently,
I love you, I love you, I love you.

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