Will you wait for me
Just so you can hold my hand?
So we can intertwine our palms until
My fingerprints permanently
Swirl on your skin,
As if I was touching soft wax.

Will you whisper my name
Like it is more beautiful than the sun?
Treasuring it,
As if it is a quivering butterfly
Landing on your lips.
Its soft yellow wings,
Tickling your eyelashes.

Will you chase me
Not like a lion, but like a hummingbird?
So you can comb your fingers through my hair
And watch as the soft flames of adoration
Lick at our heels.

Will you love me,
So we can become tangled into a constellation?
The stars that will outline our ski-slope noses
Will become prayers
Trembling on the lips of a child.
Whispering gently,
I love you, I love you, I love you.

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