The Light

May 8, 2013
Things spread wall to wall;
My legs are cramping,
There is no room to move.
A small glare from the window;
Gives the only light.
Dusk is approaching, the light is getting dimmer;
Over the horizon of items which stood no purpose.
Eventually the light,
Seemed nothing but gone.
I see nothing, but feel everything.
Running my hand over every detail;
Trying to figure out a way to see again.
Sadness is growing inside of me;
The urge to give up is growing.
I refuse to stop without one last fight.
Amongst the items I feel something;
The package is small, square, and hollow.
I run my fingers around the coarse edges.
As I peel it open, inside stands a lone match.
A glimmer of hope shines over me.
A smile emerges ear to ear.
One quick twist and flick of the wrist,
And suddenly it illuminates the room;
Such a small flame giving so much light.
The path to the exit appears;
I crawl over the debris and find the door.
As I open the door, joy fills my heart.
As the gap gets larger, more light pours in;
Standing in the hallway, I let out a sigh of relief,
As I took in the radiance of the evening sun.
I couldn’t help but feel better.
Through the darkness I emerged;
I had found my way again.

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