Number Language

May 8, 2013
By Caitlin_Moe... BRONZE, Brigham City Utah, Utah
Caitlin_Moe... BRONZE, Brigham City Utah, Utah
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Energize as we mathasize this equation
I watch you dance
Pop numbers like bubbles
and questions like balloons
You make it seem like we'll win
d-d-doubloons like Captain Pete
He stomps his feet to the math you speak
The language of numbers and e..qual signs
As our minds take in the spin you put on our pens
Writing numbers faster than the words we learn day after day
I plan to stay this way for you make numbers seem like candy
I can't stay standing
Knowing your planning to take that 'y'
and turn it into something outstanding
Makes me wonder if all these numbers are really just numbers
Or if there in a slumber waiting to added subtracted and subsided into a song
Not very long
Just enough to stuff my brain
Until it can't say whether or not to stop
As the clock ticks on
And our hour comes to an end
I would love to spend tomorrow with you in this zoo
learning the language of numbers

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