Monster Me

April 30, 2013
I, disgusting progeny
Of dystopian society
Desirous of all things

With no initiative
Or motive
No real goals, just needs

I wake up
From a decade
of sleep

In the mirror
And see

The monster
That is

The liar
The wanter, with open hand
And weak heart

I who hide
In childish dreams
Now see what I’ve become

Can I end this?
This apathy?
Destroy my sick philosophy?

Forget my wants
Remove my lies
Kill she that was, see with new eyes

I wish I could
I know I should
But that’s not me

No that’s not me
I am the monster
Sickly sweet

A dreamer with no faith
A child of years
Of pathetic life

My weakness
Cuts me
Like a knife
I’m worthless
A failure of God

I’m not worth the
It’s time to move on

Let me fade away
Like a strange and
stupid dream

my being
and I may be free

Free my soul from
My body, my mind
From my heart

Kill me now
Kill me quickly
There’s no point in “restart”

There’s just me
Worthless me
The Monster

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