May 9, 2013
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my life is great
i got friends and family
but i still have people i hate
sometime i feel like my life has turned
into a bar of gold
great, shiny, feels amazing
no one can break it
no one can stop it
its going
its going
its going
i can make it
i can make it
then why did i stop
i felt that in which i was in a car
coming to a quick stop
i don't understand why i stop
i just stop
was it my feelings of hatred towards a girl that told me to stop
was it my feelings of hatred towards a guy that told me to stop
or was it i just needed to stop
i felt horrible i can't stop it
i'm melting
melting my bar of gold melting in my hands
i can't stop it
i'm falling
i don't think i'll make it
my life is going dim
my life is running thin
my life is going dark...
what is that i see
a star
the sun
a goddess of some sorts
is that what i'm looking at
i can't tell
whatever it is its getting closer
to me i feel better my life running again
my bar of gold is becoming whole again
i can't believe this is happening
is this really happening
i'm happy now
i feel better
i get to finally see her
i finally see who it is
not one second will i try to leave this person
not one girl is going to distract me from this person
she makes me feel better
i'm happier
i'm going to make it to the end
if any obstacle comes in my way
i will not go around it
but i will bust thru it
i can't wait till the day comes
i can't wait to hear “here comes the bride”
school is getting better
a D or too to fix
but i can overcome that
my friends are happy to see me
sad when i leave
the people i hate i don't worry about
i'll tell my family that i'm gonna make it home
my life is a bar of gold only because of her
the goddess in my dreams
the women in my heart
the one i'll call my wife
the one my kids will call mommy
the one that in the darkest of days
she was there to make me feel better
thank you so much love i'll see you
in “less than” a day
i can't wait to see you in my arms
looking up at me
that would make my life
into a bar of gold
she would be the one who will make my life
into a bar of gold

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BryannaJ. said...
Feb. 25, 2014 at 3:31 pm
This poem is amazing and wonderful, I love all the work and dedication you put into it! I love you and everything you do. Thanks tons sweetheart! ♥
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