Ex Daddy's Girl

May 8, 2013
He was always the one
Who made me happy and
Gave me confidence in myself.
It has been years since
I have spent a weekend
With him.

Late night movies,
Junky snacks,
Sharing music,
Having deep talks,
All of this, I miss.

I have always loved him and
Always enjoyed seeing him
Any chance I was given.
Lately I haven not seen his
Warm smile or outstretched arms,
A part of me feels as if it is gone.

When he left, he took
My sunlight with him,
Darkening my days.
I have grown accustomed to the dark,
Now the dark is my friend,
Along with the emptiness inside my heart.

My father, my best friend
Is gone,
Off with his new girlfriend and daughter,
Giving them rays of sunlight,
Yet here I am…
Alone in the dark.

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